The Mazdan Way: The Universal Path of Perfection

The Mazdan Way: The Universal Path to Perfection
by Daniel Levie

When one does a bit of research on the universalism of the Good Religion taught by Zarathushtra, the prophet, it is rather interesting that we are the voice of reason to the world on the subject of the inclusiveness of all into the faith. Zarathushtra was all about the spreading of his new faith and was a proselytizer. How else to spread the faith of love and universal goodness? Ahura Mazda did not reveal the Good Religion for a few people to simply enjoy and to hoard. The power of the Lord of Wisdom would be and is in fact weakened as the faith becomes exclusive along ethnic lines.

This is where the Mazdan Way distinguishes itself from the Zoroastrian religion. We are Mazdans, in that we are inspired by the Source of Zarathushtra’s vision, the Good Mind (Vohu Manah) itself. Certain Persian kings adopted the religion and spread it to those they conquered, following the proselytizing legacy of the First and Only Necessary Prophet. Zarathushtra was given the instruction to spread the universal Good Religion to the world and as Mazdans, or those who worship the Source of Zarathushtra’s vision, Ahura Mazda, we would be remiss not to seek to converts. It is the duty incumbent upon us to change the world for the better and to perfect it. This is done, partly, by convincing others to remember their reason for existing in the world. To perfect it according to Ahura Mazda’s, the Creator, plan. We can do this as Mazdans.

Our mission is a little more difficult in the sense that the tradition has been stilted to the point where no “outsiders” are permitted. However, we have the privilege of sharing to the whole wide world the absolute model of perfect wisdom and there is little that is more satisfying than doing just that. When we remember our origins and our mission, we become fascinated with the idea of the hastening of that eventuality, the perfected world, the defeat of the Druj in the cosmos. We are each Arch-Agents, working alongside as allies of Ahura Mazda, at this moment in history with the one goal of perfection. Perfection of ourselves first, which brings about a cosmic perfection proportionate to our own.

The driving Truth (Asha) of the Mazdan Way in the West is that we are indwelled by an enduring perfect wisdom, that of Ahura Mazda (Pure Focused Consciousness). This is the best gift we receive from the Wise Lord, who transcends gender, who transcends all things. We activate this Wisdom by our Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds, and by our Devotion to the Good Mind (Vohu Manah). Ahura Mazda is often tripled in the tripartite being (the divine formula) of Ahura Mazda-Asha-Vohu Mana. This in translation becomes Wisdom-Truth-Good Mind (or Focused Consciousness-Cosmic Order-Conscience).

There is reason inherent in the choice to fight for the Good, as the Good is that which is eternally beneficial to humanity, both individually and communally. The enshrined intellect is fostered as the main tool in learning to aid the Wise Lord in perfecting the world. One must have knowledge of the world in which one exists and knowledge of one’s self, as knowing how to change the world for the better entails knowing how to interface with the same. As such, Mazdans do not disdain the body. Nor do we attempt to sublimate the mind. Each are perfect (and potentially) tools for aiding the Lord Mazda in overcoming the restrictive and constrictive forces of Angra Mainyu/Ahriman and the Druj (the Lie).