The Four Sacred Mathras: Ashem Vohu

The Four Sacred Mathras: Ashem Vohu
by Pablo Khorramdin

The Ashem Vohu is considered one of the basic yet most meaningful and powerful mathras in the religion. It is not simply enough that one recite it to gain its power, but also one must act according to it. It is futile to recite the Ashem Vohu on one hand and to utter falsehood and deceive on the other hand. To do such would be to embrace Druj (the Lie) and to spurn Asha (the Truth). Asha as a term is beautiful, multi-faceted and nuanced. It is Truth, it is Being, it is Right-Working, it is Cosmic Order, it is Harmony. The Ashem Vohu is as follows:

“Asha is the best good and it is happiness.
Happiness is for the one who is of Asha
For the sake of the best good.”

“ashem vohû vahishtem astî
ushtâ astî ushtâ ahmâi
hyat ashâi vahishtâi ashem.”

To learn how to pronounce it in Avestan, click here for a recording.