Searching For The Mazdan Way?

Searching for the Mazdan Way?
by Daniel Levie

For those who have had the feeling that Zoroastrianism is your true path but have hit the inevitable roadblock of ethnic exclusion because you have not been born into the right family or lineage, there is great news! The lightning striking in the East has now been seen in the West. No longer is there a barrier. The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord is devoted to the Good Religion, or the religion of Good Conscience. The awakening of the religion of Zarathushtra in the West is the fulfilling of the mission of Ahura Mazda’s original plan: Humanity volunteered to incarnate so as to join the fight on the side of Good. All of humanity is here for this reason!

We believe to exclude those awakened to this mission is to constrict and retard the mission of the Wise Lord and aids the forces of Evil in the world. The OTWL seeks to end this problem and to promulgate the teachings of Zarathushtra to the Western World. The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord has a facebook group you can join if you are interested in becoming more involved in making the world perfect through Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds and for those who simply desire to learn more and enlightened as to the Mazdan Way, you may like this page.

The Mazdan Way is the answer to a world filled with greed, hatred, ignorance, death, brutality, and lies. You are here in this world precisely because you desired to fight against these exact things, so join us in the great and cosmic battle for Wisdom, Truth, and Joy!