The Mazdan Star

OTWL Final Symbol

This star, in all of its mystic beauty, is the public seal of the Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord. The sun within, representing the Mind of Ahura Mazda, our Soul (Urvan) and the glory of the Good within us all, with 16 rays for the 16 Gathas, which also corresponds to the number of worlds created by Ahura Mazda. The star’s seven points represent the six Amesha Spenta and Spenta Mainyu, with the Persian symbols for the numbers 1-7 corresponding to the order of creation as such:

1- Top, Khshathra Vairya (Desirable Dominion/Righteous Power, Fourth Amesha Spenta), Sky

2- Middle Right, Haurvatat (Perfection/Wholeness, Sixth Amesha Spenta), Water

3- Lower Left, Spenta Armaiti (Bountiful Devotion/Holy Serenity, Fifth Amesha Spenta), Earth

4- Upper Left, Ameretat (Immortality, Seventh Amesha Spenta), Plants

5- Upper Right, Vohu Manah (Good Mind/Good Purpose, Second Amesha Spenta), Animals

6- Lower Right, Spenta Mainyu (Holy & Creative Spirit, First Amesha Spenta), Humanity

7- Middle Left, Asha Vahishta (Best Truth/Best Righteousness/Best Order, Third Amesha Spenta), Fire

For more information as to the Amesha Spenta and the like, see Chapter 5 of THE GOOD RELIGION, available here:


The Occidental Temple Welcomes You!

Welcome to all as you enter this 21st century Gate of all Nations!

The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord is an expression of the newest and most ancient of all religions: the Mazdan Way founded by the Prophet Zarathushtra almost four thousand years ago. The endeavor we are embarking on here is a visionary quest with a goal no less than the ushering in of global transformation. This is the time and we are the people who will begin this process. The Mazdan Way can help individuals become better as well as aid whole world and, in fact, the greatest changes can only begin with the individual!

This website is a gateway into the world of the Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord, just one out of many expressions of the Good Religion. It is an expression, however, that is open to you as an individual to participate in the visionary quest that lies before us. No matter who you are or what you believe now, the Mazdan Way can make you better. The Good Religion is one that the individual learns about and experiences, perhaps in small ways at first. Then, the time may come when the individual sees the Truth (Asha) and makes the choice to follow that Truth as a matter of good conscience. The Good Religion can only be acquired by conscience, never forced by coercion.

The world of the Good Religion is vast and ancient, and the adventure that lies before those who would pursue its ways today is without limit. The Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord is currently in its formative stages. This means there are places for those of creative power and energy to express themselves and make their distinctive marks. The Good Religion has the potential of unifying humanity in ways not imagined since the days of the ancient empires of the East: those that cultivated the individual and individual peoples within a framework of a Paradisaical garden in which peace, prosperity, security and the interests of enlightenment blossomed forth.

Come and seek with us. Happiness awaits!